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Welcome to Natural Medicine and Chiropractic Specialties.

Drs. Kyle and Angela Fogel are proud to provide holistic and natural medical solutions for the residents of Forsyth County. As your Cumming Natural Health clinic, we offer a wide range of health and wellness services that treat you holistically, rather than seeing individual problems in isolation. By looking at your specific circumstances and background in their entirety, we are better able to find and treat the source of your problems, rather than simply attempting to mitigate the symptoms you are experiencing.  [READ MORE]

"...The very first adjustment- and I mean the VERY FIRST fixed him on the spot. We were also introduced to a magnesium supplement that relaxed him, so he started sleeping through the night. I feel lucky to be so well connected to this family oriented group. They are a true blessing to my own family."

− Elizabeth K- Canton, Ga.

"...I was unable to move for 3 days. Chiropractic Specialties worked with the Insurance company of the car who hit me. I never paid a single dime out of my pocket and was treated with so much care and concern. I am forever grateful for all that they have done for me."

− Leigh H. Cumming, GA

"My success story is a very interesting. I was diagnosed with a back problem... My therapist was very sweet and quietly gave me a business card that had Dr. Fogel’s number on it. He said that many therapist send “problem patients” to this place. I’m thankful my therapist referred me here. My back pain is gone. "

− Maurine P. — Atlanta, GA

"I have been a loyal patient since I moved to GA in 2004. This is a place where I enjoy getting treated because they listen and my adjustments are always spot on. The atmosphere is fun, relaxing and as always I get the best attention in the world. As a fire fighter in Cumming, I appreciate the care."

− Scott F – Cumming GA

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